The Perfect Polish

I never do my own nails which means I do not own any of my own nail polish. I do love Essie’s colors though especially the naming conventions. But how often does it happen that I get a manicure only to forget the name of the beloved polish. Enter Essie’s new and amazing web site. It’s kind of silly, but also kind of fun to scroll through all the colors and the memories that go with them. Like Ballet Slippers which was so high school and then Scarlett O'Hara so working girl 1998. I am now onto Macks for toes and Tom Boy No More for nails or if I am feeling like I want something cleaner one coat Nude Beach with one coat Vinyl Bikini. Of course there is always Pink Glove Service which is like a clear color with a hint of pink. I can't even believe I am blogging about nail polish.