The Ice Cream Truck is Here

It's a strange time of year to discover the most incredible ice cream truck. After all - it's freezing and eating ice cream is not high on the list. Ok  - not in the top 3. But on a recent walk outside my office I discovered the most adorable ice cream truck. Meet Van Leeuwen ice cream and coffee truck. It's artisanal without being pretentious. The truck is right on 23rd and 5th and the best part is that it sits squarely in front of Starbucks. I believe that it's these local businesses that give New York it's flavor. No pun intended. So lick away - guilt free - you are supporting the locals.


Book Club

Last night was Book Club. Thank god otherwise I would still be writing posts about nail polish. I am very fortunate to have found a great book club with a very smart group of women who enjoy wine, good food and a good read. Last night was definitely an excellent evening. We read Olive Kitteridge and had an incredible meal of Texas Beef Brisket Chili. It wasn't surprising that the host opted for a meat dish - after all her new husband Jake Dickson just opened an incredible store Chelsea Market called Dickson's Farmstand. That specializes in locally raised meats. This dish is super hearty and will make you feel so warm  (and full) on a chilly winter's eve. I am going to try to recreate it in a slow cooker - we are obsessed with slow cooking - expect to see future posts on the slow cooker.

But the idea of sustainable farming is obviously a hot topic now. Which brings me to one of my favorite blogs created by my friend's brother Matthew and his wife. It's called The Sustainable Pantry and I find that their recipes are yummy and easy to prepare, which of course is helpful when you are trying to cook at home and have two kids in the background. I love their recipe for a Mexican Polenta Casserole. It's one dish wonder - and most people kinda love it. Also they have this photo step by step guide which is great esp if you are not an experienced cook and are not sure what something is supposed to look like when they say "mix until fluffy" or "cook until just slightly browned"

Oh and the book is incredible  -it's fast read and makes you think about family and life's journey in a way that is very powerful.


The Perfect Polish

I never do my own nails which means I do not own any of my own nail polish. I do love Essie’s colors though especially the naming conventions. But how often does it happen that I get a manicure only to forget the name of the beloved polish. Enter Essie’s new and amazing web site. It’s kind of silly, but also kind of fun to scroll through all the colors and the memories that go with them. Like Ballet Slippers which was so high school and then Scarlett O'Hara so working girl 1998. I am now onto Macks for toes and Tom Boy No More for nails or if I am feeling like I want something cleaner one coat Nude Beach with one coat Vinyl Bikini. Of course there is always Pink Glove Service which is like a clear color with a hint of pink. I can't even believe I am blogging about nail polish.


Kids Music - Yo Gabba Gabba

My husband always makes fun of me and claims that I actually enjoy listening to kid's music and that it is not painful chore for me. Fine. Ok. You win. I like it. I do. So you can understand why I need to share this tune with you.  "Lovely, Love My Family" by The Roots (who are a normal band otherwise and not a kid's band). It will make you happy and put a spring in your step - even on this very rainy day. I saw it for the first time on the Yo Gabba Gabba episode "Family." When Muno introduces his family - you know the one.


Crystal Clear

I recently bought myself the most beautiful earrings (it was my birthday in November). And now I am obsessed with this designer - Miguel Ases. His earrings are both gorgeous and featherweight, which is perfect for those of getting getting a tad older and having some earlobe issues.I bought my earrings at verve on the upper west side, but you can find the full collection at his website.


The Perfect Boot

It's back in stock - the Loeffler Randall Matilde Boot -in all it's glory. And yes it pains me to pay retail, as I never pay retail - and on top of that it pains me to pay for shipping when every retailer has a free shipping deal. But this boot is worth every penny. It's a hybrid of a country riding/downtown beauty/LA celebutante look. get it now at the LR site

Dinner Time

Not to sound too much like Rachel Ray - but it is true you can cook an awesome dinner in 30 minutes or less. I made salmon and lentils the other night and I have to say it was delicious if not amazing. Ok I won't bore you with the lentils part because to be honest - not everybody loved it. But the salmon was so perfect and so easy that I might start making it once a week. All you have to do is buy the salmon ask them to cut it into 6 oz filets and remove the skin (best if they cut it from the middle so the piece has an even thickness). Then salt and pepper the filets and throw them on a baking sheet  (spray the sheet with olive oil) and voila you just pop them under the broiler for 8 -10 mins and you are done. It’s delicious and healthy and you can serve with rice, cous cous or polenta or lentils (if you are inspired and don’t have picky eater guests). Photo is a bit blurry - but you get the idea.


Sand Art

There is something really beautiful about art for art's sake. Today I was in Union Square and noticed this sand artist. He was creating this alluring image by painstakingly drizzling different colors of sand into an intricate pattern. As the clouds loomed overhead I thought - it's about to rain and everything that he has created will be momentarily erased. It will be here temporarily , but no one can buy it or own it. That's very cool. Especially during this holiday season when its all about possession.


Best Boy's Shirt

My son Roy has this awesome thermal crew neck shirt from Okkies. It was a gift that his grandmother gave him that I thought was so cute albeit kind of expensive. It is the perfect weight for layering and looks adorable under overalls. And as a bonus - the shirts are on sale. NOW! Buy it at Okkies



So several people have asked me about my fabulous necklace that my husband bought for me after baby number 2. It's from Jennifer Fisher. Her designs are whimsical and a bit edgy so you won't feel totally sappy when you wear the charm that has your child's birthdate stamped on it.go to jennifer fisher

A Fresh Look

I sometimes feel like I look around our apartment and it looks so boring. One of the quickest ways to freshen up a room is to freshen up the bedding. It's easy and not terribly expensive and can totally change the feeling of the room. It's transformative and only a sheet or pillowcase away. Dwell Studio is one of my all times faves for adults, kids and baby rooms. And they have just launched a new an improved web site. Check it out for your next purchase when you feel like you can't stand to look at your apartment for one minute more.www.dwellshop.com