Working Mom

Well - I am back from maternity leave and living life again as a working Mom. I'm diggin' it. It's nice after all to go to an office and sit and have a cup of coffee without hearing - "mommy, mommy" at my bedroom door. Note: office was previously housed in bedroom. But it's also weird - right? To know that your kids your prized possessions are with someone else. Someone who is getting paid to watch them. Ah - the trade offs of trying to have it all. Hard to know what is the right thing to do, and you always feel like you are strapped for time. So, on that note - one site that I love love love (and I am hesitant to post it for fear that everyone will now know where I get my gift ideas) is www.coolmompicks.com. Ok I am obsessed with them and their random thoughts and musings. Check it out and tell me that you don't want to hang out with these women.