Dinner Time

Not to sound too much like Rachel Ray - but it is true you can cook an awesome dinner in 30 minutes or less. I made salmon and lentils the other night and I have to say it was delicious if not amazing. Ok I won't bore you with the lentils part because to be honest - not everybody loved it. But the salmon was so perfect and so easy that I might start making it once a week. All you have to do is buy the salmon ask them to cut it into 6 oz filets and remove the skin (best if they cut it from the middle so the piece has an even thickness). Then salt and pepper the filets and throw them on a baking sheet  (spray the sheet with olive oil) and voila you just pop them under the broiler for 8 -10 mins and you are done. It’s delicious and healthy and you can serve with rice, cous cous or polenta or lentils (if you are inspired and don’t have picky eater guests). Photo is a bit blurry - but you get the idea.