Book Club

Last night was Book Club. Thank god otherwise I would still be writing posts about nail polish. I am very fortunate to have found a great book club with a very smart group of women who enjoy wine, good food and a good read. Last night was definitely an excellent evening. We read Olive Kitteridge and had an incredible meal of Texas Beef Brisket Chili. It wasn't surprising that the host opted for a meat dish - after all her new husband Jake Dickson just opened an incredible store Chelsea Market called Dickson's Farmstand. That specializes in locally raised meats. This dish is super hearty and will make you feel so warm  (and full) on a chilly winter's eve. I am going to try to recreate it in a slow cooker - we are obsessed with slow cooking - expect to see future posts on the slow cooker.

But the idea of sustainable farming is obviously a hot topic now. Which brings me to one of my favorite blogs created by my friend's brother Matthew and his wife. It's called The Sustainable Pantry and I find that their recipes are yummy and easy to prepare, which of course is helpful when you are trying to cook at home and have two kids in the background. I love their recipe for a Mexican Polenta Casserole. It's one dish wonder - and most people kinda love it. Also they have this photo step by step guide which is great esp if you are not an experienced cook and are not sure what something is supposed to look like when they say "mix until fluffy" or "cook until just slightly browned"

Oh and the book is incredible  -it's fast read and makes you think about family and life's journey in a way that is very powerful.